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Our Kickboxing class is like no other, as we teach you all the combative techniques necessary to keep you safe AND get you into the best shape of your life. This class is a high energy, fun, and efficient workout packed into a 45 minute session. We combined the two most popular workouts today into one class: a high cardio circuit training class incorporating resistance bands instead of free weights (to avoid injury). The tension of the resistance band is always there so you can't cheat yourself by swinging weights for momentum. Research shows that negative muscle training is the fastest way to get stronger and build muscle at the same time. Not sure if this class is for you? Your first class is always FREE, so call today to schedule your trial class! Remember: it's always better to train with a friend for support and motivation, so feel free to bring a buddy or two!


Our instructors strive to teach children the art of taekwondo in a clean and safe atmosphere. Your child will learn important self defense skills, proper technique for punches, kicks, and blocks, board breaking techniques, and how to use various martial arts weapons in a fun and safe environment. But more importantly, our program is designed to build our students into future leaders as we teach them necessary life skills such as confidence, self-control, perseverance, integrity, respect, and so much more. The main reason children are bullied in school today is a lack of confidence to stand up for themselves. We teach them both physical and social skills to make certain that they are able to stand up for themselves and others. Give us a call today to schedule your child's first FREE evaluation lesson.


Krav Maga (contact combat) originated in Israel in the 1940s. This program was designed to ensure safety from any and all threats you may come across in the streets and is commonly used by both Israeli military combat forces and U.S. law enforcement. The use of simple, yet effective, techniques makes this art very user friendly for both men and women alike. Not only will you learn self defense techniques, but also how to defend yourself from an attacker who may be carrying a gun or knife. This program is designed for ages 16 and up, or as low as age 13 with previous martial arts experience and pending an instructor evaluation. Call us to schedule your first free lesson!


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